If this option is not shown under your Panasonic TV's On-Screen Menu, under Picture -> Lock Settings, CalMAN will be unable to connect to the TV for display control or as a pattern generator (2019 models).

There may be a few causes for this...

  1. An HDMI signal is not being fed into the TV.
    • The ISFCCC Network option does not display when you are using one of the App inputs, like Netflix
  2. Your Panasonic model is not AutoCal compatible. Check the model number of your Panasonic TV and the specifications of your CalMAN Version. (See Compatibility Table below)
  3. The Lock PIN has not been set to i-0-8-5
    • For models that allow a custom PIN, it must be changed to i-0-8-5, otherwise, the ISFCCC Network option will not be displayed. 
  4. The feature has been disabled by the firmware in your region.
    • Contact Panasonic support for more information.

Pansonic AutoCal Compatibility

2019 GZxxx          
2018 FZxxx          
2017 EZxxx          
2016 DX8xx DX9xx        
2015 CR CX CZ      
2014 AS800 AX800/900        
2013 VT60/65 ZT60 WT60/600 DT60 GT60 FT60
2011/2012 (US/NA) VT30/50 DT30 WT50      
2011/2012 (EU/UK) VT30/50 GT30/50 DT30/50 WT50    
2010 VT25