Note: Further calibration options will come in future CalMAN updates.

CalMAN Requirements

  • CalMAN 2019 5.10.0 or higher
  • Serial Connection Cables
    • Listed Below

Serial Connection Information

To connect the CalMAN calibration computer to an Epson Projector

  1. Connect an RS232 port on your PC or to a USB to serial converter.
  2. If you are using a USB to serial converter, in Windows Device Manager, under “Ports (COM & LPT),” look for a “USB Serial Port (COMx)” listing.
  3. Note the listed COM port (COMx) of the serial converter.

USB to RS232 Serial Converter

For connecting to an Epson Projector with a computer that does not have an RS232 port, we recommend the FTDI (US232R-10 Premium) USB to RS232 converter. Extensive testing has determined that this FTDI converter, which includes a data buffer, is the most reliable adapter to use for CalMAN device control.


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USB Driver download for FTDI converter Or, CalMAN Device Driver Pack

Step 1

  • From the CalMAN Menu in the top-left, choose Open Workflow Template and then SI Basic Workflow
  • Proceed to the Grayscale - 2pt page

Connect your Colorimeter and Pattern Generator to CalMAN.

  • Plug your meter into a USB port on the computer and press the Find Meter button on the left
    • When your meter is connected, select your display type from the dropdown (this will vary by meter)
  • Connect Pattern Source to your computer.
    • Click the Find Source button then select your source
    • Select the pattern window size

Connect to your Epson Projector for calibration

  • On the CalMAN Display Control tab, click Find Display

  • On the Find Display dialog, select Epson as the Manufacturer.

  • Select Epson - Projector (RS232) as the Make

  • Select the COM Port that is assigned to the connected generator (check this in Windows Device Manager).

  • Click Connect on the Find Display dialog. 

Step 2

Prepare Epson Projector for Calibration

  • From the DDC Menu, choose the following
    • Gamma - (-2)
    • Luminance - Medium
    • Color Mode - Natural
  • From the projectors on-screen display, choose the following
    • Smart Iris - OFF

Step 3

Calibrate 2-point grayscale
  • From the 2pt White Balance workflow page, click the AutoCal Button to open the AutoCal Dialog
  • Using the 30%/100% steps, click OK to begin AutoCal

  • When the AutoCal Process has completed a summary dialog will be displayed
    • Note: The results above are shown as an example only, your results may vary slightly

Step 4

Calibrate multipoint grayscale
  • From the Multipoint Grayscale workflow page, click the AutoCal Button to open the AutoCal Dialog

  • When the AutoCal Process has completed a summary dialog will be displayed

Step 5

Verify post-calibration results

  • Proceed to the Post-Calibration Verification page, at the end of the workflow
  • Click Read Series [...] button to take post-calibration readings

Calibration Complete